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is happening in northe virginia on roads. >> water main break at tysons corner. sarah simmons is live. >> reporter: it's a 20-inch water main break. this happened at about 3:00 this morning. the water is shut off. and you can see the massive crater left behind. this is 123 norbound between international drive and the beltway. at this point theyare still trying to figure out if the road is safe. they are hoping they can get one lane open on the northbound side, otherwise this will be a while. the road has buckled. they say it could be eight pl hours or maybe even all day or possibly more to get the road fixed and driveable once again. v-dot is telling us this was due to a construction crew overnight that was working here on a hot lane project and they were boring underneath the surface to install piping for the project and that is when the break occurred. now falls church water authority have been out here as well. they shut off the water and are saying there are a few outages and mostly in tysons corner. you might have water but at a low pressure. it will be a traffic nightmare. 123 s
. >>> the news edge on virginia, the common health will be home to northrop grumman. they announced they are moving from southern california to northern virginia. john henrehan live with why the company chose virginia. i imagine the pentagon helped out. >> only about a mile and a half from where we are standing. we are not talking about a lot of jobs but very high paying jobs because this is the corporate headquarters of a fortune 100 company. d.c. wanted it, maryland wanted it but northrop grumman is coming to virginia. northrop grumman wants to be closegovernment. it has tens of thousands of workers at the shipyard in newport news and involved in aviation, technical services and information systems. virginia officials put incentive offers on the table. the ceo of the $34 billion a year company explained why virginia won out. >> the proximity and the available real estate played a big role in it but the economies played a big role. that was the incentives put forth by the state and counties as well as the economics of the available real estate. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mc
in your stomach when you know something is bad. >> this morning in west virginia, crews are not letting go of hope that they may still find survivors. fox 5 morning news at 6:00 continues right now. spars. >>> glad you're with us at 6:00 as we take a look at traffic commuting on the wilson bridge this morning. very comfortable commute although you might need the ac for the trip home today. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news this tuesday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. we'll get to our weather in just a minute. we do want to give you the latest on that deadly palestine exploon in west virginia. 25 workers are dead and four are still missing. the search has been called off because of poor ventilation. that is happening in west virginia about 30 miles outside of charleston. >> officials say the chances of survival are slim but the crews don't want to give up. they do still consider this a rescue mission. they will go back inside once it is safe. missing miners did not make it to one of the two chambers stocked with food and extra oxygen however. >>> here in th
to the 29 men who lost their lives in the west virginia mine explosion, speaking at the memorial service the president says the nation would honor the miners by improving safety for the mine industry. fox's nicole collins has the story. . >> reporter: weeks after 29 cole miners died president obama traveled to west virginia for a somber tribute. in a eulogy honoring those lost he offers words of solace. >> if any comfort can be found it can perhaps be found by seeking of face of god who quiets our troubled minds, a god who mendz our broken hearts. a god who eases our mourning soles. >> reporter: family placed helmets over crosses, unable to holdback tears. they lost their lives on april 5th when an explosion ripped through the upper big branch mine run by massey energy. the president is planning to do whatever possible to prevent another mining accident. he has ordered a review of all cole mines with poor safety records and urging federal officials to strengthen laws. >> our task here on earth is to save lives from being lost in another such tragedy, to do what we must do individually an
to follow that deadly mine explosion in west virginia this morning. it is a quiet and serene scene now. but that is only a cover for the grief and sadness in this small community. >> 25 miners were killed and four still missing after yesterday's explosion in montcoal, west virginia but the rescue effort is on hold as crews work to ventilate toxic gas from the mine. will thomas is in montcoal with the latest now. >> reporter: good morning. the rescue effort continues. there are still four miners unaccounted for inside and trapped. rescuers were pulled out overnight because there is such a strong buildup of carbon monoxide, it is simply too dangerous. so they are digging three giant holes to vent out the area and about 1100 feet below where they believe the miners are at. they're going to try and let some fumes out so send rescuers back inside. the west virginia governor is with virginia families and saying the families are not giving up hope. >> they don't expect to have that completed until sometime this evening andwe can't risk the recovery or search and rescue until we know it's safe
stronger maryland. >> reporter: one day after north roll grumman decided to choose virginia over maryland for its headquarters, some say he didn't doing enough. senator barbara mikulski says maryland has fared much better during the recession. >> i think he is going to win because he has shown he can govern during tough times. >> reporter: a recent poll found o'malley leading ehrlich 47% to 44%. that falls in the margin of error. now, granted,ing into ther one of these candidates is going to have too much a problem with name recognition. current governor says it is far too early to place too much importance on polling. >> those things go up and down and i'll let the pundits and radio disc jockeys comment about that sort of process stuff. >> reporter: o'malley is leerily hoping for more up than down looking to avoid the fate of his opponent who lost his first bid for re-election. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 morning news. >>> good morning to you. it is wednesday morning as we get a live look at our nation's capital under a beautiful moon. but temperatures really pretty nippy for this time of year
of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> more breaking news on the deadlmine explosion in west virginia. emergency crews have suspended the search now because the oxygen levels are too low. they are still trying to reach at least four missing miners but they admit the chance for survival is slim. it is the worst mining disafter ther in more than two decades. >> it is happening in raleigh county, west virginia. ainsley earhart has more. >> reporter: ambulances surround the massey energy company's upper big branch mine in raleigh county, west virginia. about 0 miles south of charleston. dozens were working in the coal mine athe time. explosion. search crews are combing the mine looking for survivors. >> we are hoping they possibly made it to one of the refuge chambers that are in place on the working section. >> reporter: people are now holding onto hope that those missing are still alive. >> it is a rescue operation. it is definitely not a recovery operation. refuge chambers have the ability to have 9 # hours of oxygen in them. so we have time on our side. >> reporter: as crews work into
12 months for metro. now the governors of maryland and gentleman virginia are teaming up with the mayor of d.c. to personally get metro back on track. >> reporter: the governors of virginia and maryland and the mayor of d.c. spent muscle of an hour discussing metro safety issues and agreeing they want to personally intervene. >> we feel changes must be made. we need to have more ability to have accountability in that system. >> reporter: the board that oversees metro is selected in different ways. in maryland the government appoints the local board members and alternates. in d.c. the mayor appoints half. the city council appoints half. in virginia the governor has no say. local board members are appointed by the various virginia cities and counties that metro runs in. these three executives want more power over the metro board. >> it's time for the governors and the mayor be a little more hands on and we'll be working through either legislative and statutory changes or using the bully pulpit more. >> reporter: they also want in person periodic meetings with metro's interi
at the site of the upper big branch mine. it's in mont coal, west virginia. bob barnard live in the newsroom with the very latest. >> reporter: the death toll is now seven. seven coal miners killed in raleigh county, west virginia. that's about 30 miles south of charleston. it's the scene of a massive rescue effort tonight with 19 coal miners unaccounted for trapped in a mountaintop mine owned by the largest coal mining company in that part of the country. safety officials say the seven miners killed died in an explosion around 3:00 this afternoon while leaving the site in a vehicle. two other men with them were hurt. officials say they don't know yet what caused the blast. >> we really just came to pray because we don't have immediate family in the mines but we know so many people that work here. our pastor works at this mine actually from our church. he wasn't in the mine but he's here. we're just praying and all we can do right now as a community is come together and pray because if you're from here, we're all coal mining family. my dad
temperatures, 56-degree in washington. 56 in annapolis. 55 at quantico, virginia. 54 in gaithersburg. salisbury at 55 degrees. our temperatures are quite consistent. forecast if today, couple early morning showers and clouds. then this afternoon -- that is not the right page there. we'll see clearing skies as the day progresses. our high today will be in the low 60s. we'll fix that for you and get that for you shortly. >> good. i think we got better temperatures on the way which will be nice. >> yes, we do. >> i don't know about you but it was a late night and a rough morning because of that the caps loss. >> i stayed to the end. not a good idea. >> you and me both. now, is one and we're done and we have to win this one on wednesday night. on the roads, not looking so bad. as tony said vers he -- he was using the wipers. had an incident on the beltway near st. barnabas road. that has been cleared to the shoulder n virginia, 95 is looking good out of dumfries headed up towards the capital beltway. 66 headed eastbound. no problems to report as you continue in towards 13 making your way out towar
in the diplomatic community. roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> also caught on camera a brazen heist in northern virginia. two masked men rush into a wendy's restaurant on old bridge road. one stays up front to act as a look out. the other goes to the back, hits a manager over the head. opens the safe and takes off with cash. prince women county police say it is one of several bold robberies they're investigating. investigators do not think they are connected. >>> also in virginia a homeless man fighting for his life half being burned while sleeping. claims he was set on fire. someone found the victim on william street in fredericksburg and called 911 for help. the man was taken to the hospital with life-threatening burns. so far no arrests. >>> arizona's immigration bill led to a weekend of protests stretching cross country. now it's vandalism. someone used refried beans to draw swastikas over the state capital. the justice department is looking into the legality of the law. as fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports, latinos are worried other states may follow. >> reporter: 88.7 fm, latino listers are making ar
at the coal mine explosion site in west virginia. early this morning, rescue crews were finally able to get into that mine and another buildup of toxic gas forced them to evacuate. tom has more from montcoal, west virginia. >> reporter: as a thought, they were going to start making progression today and get answers into the fate of the four missing miners. and begin the recovery of the 49 others who were known to have died in the mine and yet all came to a crashing halt. the methane gas problem that plagued this search and recovery effort from day 1 reed its head. it was able to enter the mine and at 5:30 this morning, only four hours into that and after a four-mile journey deep into the mountains here of west virginia, the methane gas levels, which were believed to have been the cause of the explosion on monday which led to all of this disaster, again, went off the charts and to the point where it was risking another explosion, possibly the lives of the 32 researchers if they remained in the mine shaft. they were pulled out immediately and, again,
good night, america. we'll see you later. . >>> a race against the clock in west virginia. four miners missing in a deadly explosion that killed 25 others. tonight the race is on to find out if they're dead or alive. >>> thanks for joining us this evening. i'm shawn yancy. >>> i'm brian bolter. the frantic search to locate those missing miners is happening as we speak. drilling started about four hours ago. they have to get 1200 feet down to reach the blast site. meanwhile we're learning more about problems with the mine flagged months ago. fox 5's tom fitzgerald live tonight in montcoal, west virginia monitoring the latest. >> reporter: this drilling operation started a few hours ago. it will go into tomorrow. the goal is to vent the methane gas that built up in the mine shaft which is believed to have caused the explosion yesterday. but even as that operation goes on, we are learning new details about this mine itself. the coal production of the big branch mine nearly tripled last year but so, too, was there a big jump in the safety violations here. nearly 50 just last month a
been happening overnight in virginia. 66 running smoothly as you travel in from centreville to the beltway. southbound 270 out of high hood as you leave mva coming into rockville, all the lanes are open. no problems reported on 95 and 295 out of laurel. still a quiet trip through northeast washington. if you are traveling northbound on 395, easy commute leaving the beltway as you guys continue northbound up to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. >>> the flames and smoke pouring from the roof of a home in prince george's county. this was along rambler drive in adelphi. not clear yet what sparked the fire. we are told one person was burned and taken to the hospital. two adults and four children would live in the home are all going to need to find a new place to stay for now. >>> following a still developing story, germany has reopened its air space this morning. worldwide flights to europe were grounded for six days because of ash from a volcano in iceland that posed the danger. sarah simmons joins us from the airport where some travelers are g
on the scene in raleigh county, west virginia. back to you. -- we should know more about 6:30. >>> we'll carry a news conference live at 6:30 this morning. law enforcement officials say a foreign dip los alamitos from the qatar embassy here in the district was on board a united airlines flight when he tried to smoke in the bathroom. investigators say he made a joke about lighting his shoes on fire when he was asked about the smell of smoke. authorities didn't find any explosives. they say he wasn't trying to harm anybody. the embassy of qatar did release a statement saying in part he was certainly not engaged in any threatening activity. facts were revealed this ways mistake and we urge all concerned parties to avoid reckless judgments or speculation. >>> coming up next, virginiaance governor makes an apology over his decision to declare april confederate history month in the commonwealth. what was left out of his decree he called a major omission. >>> new information about the discussion among toyota's higher-ups before the company went public with problems about its accelerator pedal. we are
overnight developments on myfoxdc.com. tom fitzgerald live tonight in raleigh county, west virginia. >>> the news edge on virginia now. governor bob mcdonnell took a lot of heat about his proclamation about reporting april as confederate month. tonight he issued a lengthy statement saying he made a mistake karen gray houston has that story. >> reporter: despite the heat, crowds are drawn to this battlefield to study and uncomfortable history. >> my understanding is the south was fighting to maintain its way of life which certainly included slavery. >> reporter: it was this proclamation by virginia governor mcdonnell that has prompted all the controversy. in it the governor calls on virginians to understand the sacrifices of the confederate leaders, soldiers and citizens during the period of the civil war. >> it's not a full picture. >> it misrepresents the issues and challenges of virginia. >> reporter: no mention of slavery. the ncaa and the -- naacp and the state's black caucus -- [ indiscernible ] later in the day the governor's office release add new statement with mcdonnell now
in west virginia. >>> we're going go back to montcoal this evening at 10. you can follow the latest developments on our website, for updates on the recovery efforts and an in-depth look at the safety history from massy energy company, running the mine where the explosion happens, it's on our home page at www.myfoxdc.com. >>> and following breaking news on a bombshell e-mail from a toyota executive. the "associated press" reports that five days before the massive recall, an executive wrote, quote, we need to come clean. the ap said the e-mail came from herve miller, a company vice president and went on to say, quote, the time to hide on this one is over, and quotes, we're not protecting our customers by keeping this quiet. the report claims that miller wrote the e-mail as toyota officials were on their way to washington to discuss accelerator problems with the federal regulators. >>> friends and family are burying two -- funeral services were held today for boyd. the 18-year-old and three others were shot and killed last week on south capitol street in southeast. the mourners gathere
. at a briefing, the governor of west virginia and senator jay rockefeller said they were talking to victims families and urging them to pray to stick together until more information could be learned. >> negotiation knows so everyone is going to cling on to that hope of a miracle. if there is one miracle, two, three, or four miracles, one is of their husband, dad or brother or their son. >> reporter: it's a tragedy that is hard to -- in any form to watch people breathing and to pray and hold out your hand and touch and to reach for somebody's hand when they start to pray and that is part of it. >> the governor knows what he's talking about. in 2006, during the sago mine disaster that killed 49, randall mccloy was pulled from that mine after being in the methane gas environment for 40 hours and the hope, they can start drilling tonight and they can penetrate by 2 or 3 tomorrow. once it's vented out of the mine shaft, they hope to get the teams back in there and gate get answers on who survived and didn't make it out. >> live in west virginia, tom fitzgerald and back to you. >>> predent obama
. yesterday's accident in the west virginia mine is already blamed for killing 25 workers. the hope now, the four others somehow survived. fox 5's tom fitzgerald live near the search site with the latest. tom? >> reporter: brian, of those 25, 14 bodies are still in that mine tonight, and the four that you were referring to, they just do not know what their condition is at this point. the goal here is to drill these ventilation holes but that work will not go quickly. it's methodical work 100 feet per hour. at that rate to get down to the mine 1200 feet into this mountain behind us tonight, we are expecting we're told that that ventilation shaft will not be open to the mine itself until at least noon tomorrow. at this point, the explosion is rocking this area with people coming down to the command station and also checking in with local authorities. what the governor told us is the search was called off at 2:30 this morning after search crews became concerned about another methane buildup within the mine shaft. the c.e.o. of theompany that owns this mine say they do not know what caused
are with the west virginia community. may they rest in piece peace and may their families find comfort in the hard days ahead. >> reporter: seven hoping for miracles and hoping that trapped miners can beat the odds and are found alive. in west virginia, craig bosswell, fox news. >> the grieving families are upset that massy coal didn't notify them their loved ones were killed. instead, they heard from the government officials. one woman is hurt the company didn't call the family, even though the father worked for them for 17 years. he was set to retire in five weeks and now his family is trying to locate his remains. >> we looked for the up to and have yet to hear one. we're just continuing to pray and be strong for each other. we're tough people, we'll get through it. >> among the dead, three members of the same family, a man and two of his nephews were killed in the blast. >>> and go to www.myfoxdc.com for continuing coverage of the deadly mine explosion o. the website, you will find the latest on the rescue and recovery and presidents, the preside
>>> right off the top, we are following breaking news out of west virginia where at least 25 workers are dead and another four missing following an explosion at a coal mine. the blast is the worst u.s. mine disaster since 1984. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. here is the latest information that we have for you right now. so far, there are 25 confirmed dead, at late four miners are stll missing following this explosion. rest canada crews have stopped the search because it is to dangerous right now. if the mourners made it to escape ways and air chambers, they can survive up to 96 hours. the coal mine has a history of safety problems. president obama has expressed condolences and has offered whatever federal assistance may be needed to help out in that area. we are going to be live in west virginia this morning here on fox 5 morning news with the latest just ahead. >>> now, we do want to get a first check on the weather. tucker is standing by with all the details on that one. it is pretty mild outside this morning. >> you're right. we were in the low
. >>> rules to protect the blue crabs in virginia are working so well they may be extended. virginia regulators are considering keeping the catch restrictions. that includes a ban on scooping up hibernating females during the winter. a recent account found more blue crabs in the bay than any other times since 1997. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell is responding to the controversy over illegal immigration after the passing of a law in arizona. we caught up with the governor and he shared what he believes would help virginia. >> what i think we need to do is get the federal laws working right. i think the federal government has failed the american people with border security, enforcement issues and there is frustration in virginia about enforcement of the laws and what they need to do is expand lawful immigration. >> governor mcdonnell talked about immigration on his regular appearance on radio. he said he hasn't read the arizona law but as a border state it has different problems than the commonwealth. >>> eric holder announced the government may challenge arizona's new law. he fea
area. find out how much it's costing virginia to get them here. >>> the sign says we buy cars. but do they? i'm beth parker. i'll tell you why some people are upset with this company. >>> this quick thinking 8-year-old is credited with saving his grandmother's life. what he did when she had a medical emergency behind the wheel. l.avrnndeais >>> d.c. wanted it and so did maryland but virginia got it. grummond is moving to the commonwealth. the news force on virginia. >> reporter: north republic grummond has a presence in virginia and thousands of workers in the shipyard at newport news. virginia officials put incentives on the table but so did government leaders in maryland and d.c. the ceo of the 34 billion dollars a year company explained why virginia won out. >> the proximity and the available real estate played a big role in it but the economics also played a big role. the economics were both the incentives put forward by the state and by the counties, as well as the economics of the available real estate. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mcdonald estimated in
around through silver spring. no problems coming in out of virginia. don't forget about the summit taking place around verizon. a good portion of massachusetts avenue will be tied up between 9th and 1th streets and there will be additional closures because of parking. if you can, work from home, metro into work but beprepared for lengthy delays downtown today. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> our big story, julie touched it. you can expect a lot of traffic problems in d.c. for the next couple of days as world leaders are in town for a nuclear summit and security will be extra tight. >>> sarah simmons joins us live this morning. she is in northwest washington near the convention center with all the details. >> good morning. >> reporter: district transportation officials have been planning for this for days. as you can see behind me, there are already those fences that are up, barricades that are up and you will note is a military presence already in lace here around the convention center. -- in place here around the convention
investigators will arrive at a west virginia mine. dangerous gas levels fowrsed recovery crews out over the weekend. they will have to drill another hole to vent the mine before more bodies can be recovered. there will be a moment of vile eans cross west virginia at 3:30 this afternoon. virginia's governor bob mcdonnell is also calling for everybody in virginia to take part. >>> the search is on to find a man police say killed his own daughter and her mother in alexander ri. woman and three-year-old girl both found dead inside their alexandria apartment on sundayen police say there was some sort of ongoing custody dispute between the mother and the suspect. investigators say he was last seen driving a 1999 silver acura. >>> teachersal viz in the washington area jumped by more than 40% over last decade. teachers in montgomery county top out with the region's highest salaries, more than $103,000 for the longest serving teachers. other jurisdictions in virginia saw modest increases. >>> coming up next a mother's controversial cigs scition to return her adopted son to russia sparking intern
virginia. >> conditions inside the mine still too dangerous for rescue crews to enter and hope is beginning to fade. fox 5 morning news continues now at 6:00. >>> good morning. thank you so much for waking one fox 5 morning news this wednesday morning, april 7th. there is a live look it morning at our nation's capital and temperatures around 07 degrees already. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> we are following some breaking news right off the top this morning. this is happening in laurel where four people were shot early this morning. two of the victims were found on hitching post lane. two others found about a mile away on alma avenue. police say this happened about 1:00 this morning. we don't have any word on the victims' identities. we will have a live report coming up later this hour. >> let's check in with tony perkins. can't believe we were 90 degrees yesterday. >> and believe it or not, we'll be there. the average for yesterday was 6 # degrees. our normal high for the day. today, we'll be right up there again. there is no precipitation this morning. humidity is around th
are dealing in real terms and realistically, understand and these are tough. >> reporter: the west virginia governor spent a lot of time with the victims' families and told us that they're understanding of the delay. he told us the families have told him that they don't want to see anymore people die in the mine and if they have to take more time to vent that gas, the families are prepared to wait longer. >> is there anything else they can do besides banging on the pipes to see if the the four missing miners are alive? >> it's a good question, brian. a frustrated one for the rescuers. they have penetrated into the mine shaft and still can't get the gas out. what they're going to do in the next few hours is make use is of the one boring hole and the second is to be completed at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. they going to lower a camera down the mine shaft and try to peer around into the rescue chambers the governor was talking about and there are four-day supplies of food, water and air in the chambers. if they can see one of the four missing men and able to
might get it. rescuers are back in the west virginia mine looking for signs of life but chances are survival are slim. bob barnard live in the newsroom with the very latest. >> reporter: west virginia's governor joe manchin says we should know around midnight whether tonight's final rescue mission was successful. will the four missing miners are found alive or not? officials are not sounding hopeful. in this perhaps the final hour of the weak-long west virginia coal mine disaster rescue mission teams on upper big branch are getting ready to start something else the families want, the recovery of 18 bodies still trapped in the mine. >> they just want to take their fathers and their husbands and their sons, their uncles, they want to take them home. >> reporter: as some families begin to bury victims recovered right after the blast, officials say others still waiting on the mountain remain strong and compassionate. >> they come up to me and they feel sorry for me, you know. i mean, the rescuers as bad as it s it's nothing close to what these families are going through. we're going
. >>> the memorials have begun for the miners skilled in the explosion in west virginia. we're going to take you there and explain what happens next. don't go away. we're coming right back. >>> search crews are continuing to recovery bodies from the west virginia coal mine blast. 29 people were killed in monday's explosion. it is being labeled the nation's worst mining disaster in 40 years. president obama says there will be a thorough investigation and accountability for the incident. meantime mourners are remembering those who lost their lives. on the first sunday following the blast many attended church prayer services. >> reporter: they wore many hats, including a coal miner's helmet. the 29 men killed in the upper big branch mine were outdoors men athletes and musicians. they were brothers fathers and friends. >> there is a bond there that i can't explain to no one. it just is a bond that -- brotherhood. >> reporter: has rescuers begin to recover the bodies from monday's explosion loved ones struggle with grief, as they recall loved ones that range from 20 to 61. the west virginia state med
. >>> a somber anniversary today of the mass shootings at virginia tech. [ bell tolls ] >> a bell tolled 32 times in richmond today, one for each of the victims gunned down by a student back in 2007. governor bob mcdonnell led the ceremony reading the names of each victim and a crowd observed a moment of silence. the governor also declaring the commonwealth will hold a virginia tech remembrance day every april 16. >>> five men from virginia are about to stand trial in pakistan. tonight acquisitions of torture if it is case. details for you -- torture in the case. details for you next. >>> still some showers out there tonight. >> that's right. if you haven't had in i rain tonight, there's -- had any rain tonight, there's still a chance you might get some. there's a line coming across. >>> a quick check of some of our other stories in our rundown.  >>> we're following breaking news of a police car crash in fairfax county. it happened just about an hour ago. this video just into our newsroom. we know a police officer was involved in the accident at the intersection of -- [ ind
're following tonight. rescue teams in west virginia are heading underground once again to search for four missing miners. they're trying to get to a refuge chamber in hoping of finding those miners alive tonight. bob barnard is here with the latest on the deadly mine explosion. >> reporter: two rescue teams, a total of 16 men are right now back inside the mine looking for signs of life. but west virginia's governor says the grim task of recovering the dead is about to begin. the bodies of 18 coal miners killed in monday's explosion are still entombed in the upper big branch mine. rescue teams sent in to look for the four missing miners early this morning were forced out by smoke and carbon monoxide that has since been cleared. >> t'sthe good news. the not so good news was the borehole that was put in at the refuge chamber did not hit a void. it hit a solid pillar. so basically that hole that was drilled from the surface does no use to us at all. >> reporter: meaning they can't use a camera to see whether the missing miners made it to that safety chamber. >> if we didn't find anybody in th
of virginia under a freeze warning from 1:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. on monday. i know the growing season is already started in these areas. so definitely not good news for the vegetation and the plants out there. and we have a frost advisory as well. just to the west of the metro area for prince william county, loudoun included in this as well and this is also from 1:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. on monday morning where we're going for see our temperatures just dip way down into the 30s. and with clear skies from a ridge of high pressure and light winds, we're looking at patchy frost through these areas as well so do take heed. tomorrow morning will be brisk and on the chilly side. today highs some 8 to 10 degrees cooler than we should have been. we'll be warmer tomorrow, however. but as we start out the day, you're really going to feel the chill of things. make sure the kids heading out are dressed warm in the morning. 48 degrees at dulles. 46 degrees at baltimore. up the mid-atlantic temperatures in the 40s and 50s as well. we have clear skies as a ridge of high pressure continues to build in. our over
. to our south some of these storms have been rotating. that's in southern virginia where we've seen some tornado watches and warnings n. line is so solid, it's literally up and down the east coast. winds are getting a little bit better. these storms even go all the way down to a -- to augusta. reagan national report add wind gust just shy of 06 miles an hour. -- 60 miles an hour. annapolis 46. andrews 54 and falls church, virginia had a wind gust to 60. hope you can find your garbage can in the morning. we still have some significant gusts out there between 25 and 30 and the rain is pretty significant. i think it will taper off after 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. great news about the weekend forecast and of course this is all the beginning of a big temperature change. i'll have those details for you coming up good see you in a few minutes. >>> we're following new developments in west virginia. officials say dangerous gases trapped in the upper big branch mine are clearing. >> rescue crews could resume their search for the four missing miners sometime tonight. tom fitzgerald live in montco
. investigators say he was last seen driving a 1999 silver acura with virginia plates, xk 167815 -- xks 1522. >>> it does not look like poland's plane had any technically problems before it crashed in russia. lech kaczynski and his wife were among the 96 people killed in the crash. as fox's amy kellogg reports it has left many in poland devastated. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people line the streets of warsaw mourning the death of president lech kaczynski. some softly singing the country's national anthem. others tossing flowers at the hearse carrying the late president. the road up to the presidential palace has become a shrine. memorial liesing the country's leader, his wife and other dignitaries who lost their lives in saturday more than's plane crash. flowers and candles have piled up out side the palsy where hundreds gathered at noon sunday to two minutes of silence. some mourners are trying to emphasize poland's strength and stability. >> it will not affect us in terms of any political organization. the nation is well organized and we have a constitution that is in place, and the
into summer it's time to think about protecting your skin from the sun. today west virginia an expert on hand to help you get prepared and lower your risk for burn, the early onset of wrinkles and even skin cancer. she's answering questions rights now on myfoxdc.com. just head to our home page. she was on about 30 minutes ago on the air and now doing a web chat. >> we love dr. macklin. >>> right now we want to turn our attention over to gwen tolbert and in for tucker this morning to let you know what this monday is shaping up to look like? >> well no sunshine. we have clouds and rain and drizzle and not quite as bad as it was yesterday where we had some really strong storms roaring through, but let's take a look at radar and show you what is happening. we have rainfall and plenty of it across many areas and heavy pockets of rainfall here as well. we don't have any warnings or watches, but this is something you'll have to contend with during the course of the day and there is a chance this afternoon we could see some storms popping up. so be aware of that. we're not quite cle
>>> rescue teams re-entered a west virginia mine early this morning. >> what officials say is the missing miners' only chance of survival. >>> get ready for traffic trouble next week. some of the busiest commuter routes will be shut down as world leaders gather for the nuclear security summit. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> good morning to you. it is friday morning, april 9, 2010. a live look at the washington monument. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. rough weather rolled through last night. the rain has cleared out. be prepared if a big change from the temperatures we have seen all week. those temperatures that were in the 90s just a day or so ago. we were outside enjoying the afternoon yesterday. you could literally just feel that change. >> when the wind picks it was r i was outside with my family. when the wind picked up, said here comes the front. we got some pretty good thunderstorms as you mention last night through the area. we have some heavy rain. reagan national, i'm pretty impressed because times their numbers are low. they got 3-7b9 26 i
's five-day forecast. >>> new tonight, police released video of a b heist in northern virginia. a fast-food restaurant with customers inside. prisons william county police say they're not the only brazen bandits on the run. wisdom martin has the latest. >> reporter: we're talking about three different crimes and groups of suspects but what makes this so stunning is the fact that they're so aggressive and bold when they're committing these crimes. tonight police are releasing surveillance video of the suspect in action in hopes of getting them off the streets. this is just released surveillance video captured at wendy's on old bridge rode a few months ago around 9:00 just after customers placed their orders, police say two masked men rushed in. >> two suspects came in. one is going to stay at the front counter. and then the other is going to jump over. and take the manager with him to the back room. >> reporter: he struck the manager in the head and forced him to the ground. eventually he forced that same manager to open the safe. took the money, and ran away. >> there is always a poten
. >>> now to west virginia where crews are continuing to make a long five-mile trek in hopes finding four miners alive. they got the all clear to are in the mine just minutes ago. rescue teams say they are prepared if a long, long day. they have their plans and they're ready to find the missing men. will thomas continues to bring us live reports from montcoal. >> reporter: four teams of rescuers should be inside the mine right now trying to get to the four missing miners. we are told it should take two to three hours to reach the area where they were believed to be. the # # rescuers are kayying about 30 pounds of equipment. the men had to shave off all their facial hair to get a tight seal around their oxygen mask. a total of 18 miners are still inside. all but four are now con furthermored dead. >>> crews focus you had on drilling multiple bore holes to remove the dangerous levels of methane and carbon monoxide. we are told as that ventilation process began, some of the workers at the top of the bore hole actually started getting sick and that is just how dangerous the air quality was.
, virginia. no arrests have been made. >>> tomorrow students at one d.c. school will head back to class for the first time since their principal was murdered. brian betts was found shot to death in his silver spring home. he was a popular principal at d.c.'s shaw middle school. grieving students will head back to class this week. they found his suv on 4th street in southeast. witnesses say they saw four young men running from that vehicle but so far police have not made any arrests or named any suspects. >>> we're following another big story tonight. soot and ash are still spewing miles into the air from the volcano in iceland. it's forced airports from ireland to ukraine to close. 20,000 more flights were canceled today stranding millions of travelers all over the world. here in our area at dulles international airport, hundreds of passengers are frustrated. as fox 5's karen gray houston tells us, they just want to get home. >> reporter: some of these passengers stranded at the marriott this is as close to a plane they're going to get for now and possibly the next few days. it was a mi
search for four missing miners in west virginia. >> they are still holding out hope that the workers escaped the explosion and made it to an airtight chamber with extra oxygen and water. but the search continues this morning. let's get back to west virginia where will thomas has the latest for us. >> reporter: steve and allison, good morning. real progress this morning. about 4:55 a.m. rescuers reentered the mine to get to where the four miners are believed to be. they are advancing on a man trip and rail car and they will go 75% of the way. it is a five mile trek from the point of entry. some will be on foot. conditions will determine how quickly they can move forward. the 32 rescuers are using oxygen tanks but if the air quality becomes dangerous, meaning ideal for another explosion, they'll have to pull back or stop advancing. now this is a rescue effort so all of the rescuers are focused on trying to find the four missing miners. >> right now we're in the full rescue. rescue is basically that we have four unaccounted for. we want to make sure we are able to locate and hopefully b
with virginia plates. those plates, xks 1522. virginia plates. here's another look at the picture. if you see him please give alexandria police a call. neighbors say there was an ongoing custody dispute over that little girl. police say the two parents did have a relationship in the past. at this hour, though, the manhunt continues. we're live in the news room, roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> thank you for that. >>> a crime alert on the campus of george washington university. police say two suspects pulled out knives and chased somebody earlier this morning. they stabbed someone in the upper arm and then ran off. the victim was treated and released from the hospital. >>> fire at a d.c. school and the smoke could be seen for miles. it bill owed from the roof of eastern high school on east capital street this afternoon. fire officials say it started around 4:30. the school is under doing renovations. some crews were working today. they all did get out safely. the fire began in the roof. no word on a cause. >>> another big story. the world's power players converging on d.c. that could mean major tra
. story in virginia will be northbound i-95 at rappahannock. you will find some traffic is squeezing through there single file to the left. already about a mile and a half backup trying to make your way through fredericksburg. traveling closer in to the beltway, no problems to report leaving newington and springfield headed up onto 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> we are following several developing stories from overseas this thursday morning. ash clouds from an erupting volcano in iceland disrupting air travel in northern europe notch flights are allowed in british air space and airports in scotland are closed. the united states has frozen most trans-atlantic flights n iceland, ash isn't the only problem. there is all flooding because the volcano is now erupting into a glacier sending water gushing down the mountain side. >>> in rush yitzhak rabin the foreign ministry has said that all u.s. adoptions of russian children have been suspended. this is fallout from the case of that tennessee woman who sent her adopted 7-year-old son back to moscow alone on a plane.
at virginia tech remembering the tragedy exactly three years ago today. >> lesli sherman. maxine turner, daniel o'neal. >> governor bob mcdonnell reading the 32 names of the victims gunned down by a student back in 2007. we report now on the lasting impact the massacre has had on blacksburg, virginia [ bell tolls ] >> reporter: a somber ceremony friday to mark the three-year anniversary of the massacre at virginia tech. >> cold, wind, snow flurry, heartbreak and tragedy in blacksburg, virginia. >> reporter: 32 people died on april 16, 2007 when student cho seung-hui opened fire on campus before killing himself. several memorial events were held on campus friday, including a balloon release and memorial run. >> remembering those that lost their lives on this horrible day but a day of rather bans for the families and those that -- remembrance for the families and those that work at tech and have to deal with this every day. >> reporter: governor mcdonnell expressed his own sympathies for victims' families and gratitude to the first responders. >> out of the tragedy became a dialogue here
. >> the plan is to make america less dependent on foreign oil. president says virginia will be the first atlantic seaboard statelingible to resume drilling for oil and natural gas. the virginia governor says that decision is a positive step in energy exploration. >> a year ago, when i was just a candidate for govenor, i talked about a vision of having virginia be the energy capital of the east coast and it would take a comprehensive approach to energy development. >> environmental groups are opposed to mri oil platforms off of the coast. >> coming up next, supporters say it is a simple safety move. opponents say it is meant to force immigrants off the road. >> talking about what big change that could be coming to the weight one state gives its driver's license tests. >>> five d.c. men arrested for plotting a terror attack. they take another step toward learning their fate. ñ'ñ'ññoç÷]]óéñ÷÷ññóÑ,ñnn ?y;p;p/0ñññ÷÷qqaaaek]]suwwqukkksggokjÑ=;vjÑ3ñçogñgñgÑÑç??oóco!%%áh÷pñpñhñx÷x÷xñx÷0ñ ñ ñ'ñ ?p?p?p?p?p?p?p/p/p?p/p/pó
marks three years since the tragedy at virginia tech and the push is now on to close the so-called gun show loophole in the state. we'll have details coming up next. >>> in the wake of the nation's worst coal mining disaster in 40 years, we are learning the deaths of 29 miners could have been prevented. stay with us. you are watching fox 5 morning news. duct system as the lungs of the house. expulsion of air. dust and dirt that helping the house to breathe. say i'm a doctor. not a doctor either. suction. ♪ call 1-800-steemer  >>> today mark the third anniversary of the massacre at virginia tech. it was three years ago that a student shot and killed 32 people and then turned the gun on himself. today, students, staff and members of the community will hold a candlelight ceremony at the campus where a memorial has been erected to honor the victims. >>> a push is on to close the so-called gun show loophole. democratic congressman jim moran, bobby scott and gerald connelly sent a letter to their colleagues asking them to support a bill that would require private sellers to do b
governor, virginia governor and d.c. mayor adrian fenty will all meet in alexandria. the thee plan to discuss what came out of that meeting later this morning. >>> president obama speaking before a crowd in california. got a little rowdy there. the president stumping for fellow democrats to raise money for upcoming mid-term elections. he is standing beside senator barbara boxer. hecklers interrupted the president several times during his speech some calling on him to repeal the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. >> i'm sorry. do you want to come up here? all right. because can i just say once again barbara and i are supportive of repealing don't ask, don't tell so i don't know why you are hollering. >> president obama's events are expected to raise as much as three and a half million dollars for senator boxer and the democratic national committee. >>> coming up next the president and vice president are heading to west virginia this weekend to help remember the 29 workers killed in the worst mining disaster this country has scene in decades. >>> another round of recalls for to
safety troubles. now the heads of d.c. maryland and virginia are teaming up to personal ek get metro back on track. >> as almost everyone knows metro rail has had a terrible year. a fatal crash, work accident and derailments, federal regulators have put metro under the microscope and now there's a hen proposal for even more oversight. the governors of virginia and maryland and the mayor of d.c. spent much of an hour discussion metro state of issues and agreeing they want to personally intervene. >> we feel that changes must be made. we need to have more ability to have accountability in that system. >> reporter: the board that oversees metro is selected in different ways. in maryland the governor appoints. in d.c. the mayor appoints half, the city council appoints half. in virginia, the governor has no say. local board members are appointed by the various virginia cities and counties that metro runs in. these three executives want more power over the metro board. >> it's time to be a little bit more hands on and we'll be working to either legislate it or -- >> reporter: the three executiv
disaster. rescue personnel and equipment arriving at the mine near month coal, west virginia. >> you can't explain the feeling you get in your stomach when you know something is bad. >> reporter: more than a dozen coal miners are said to be trapped underground. massey energy company owns the performanceoal company about 30 miles south of charleston. >> we really just came to pray because we don't have immediate family in the mines but we know so many people that work here. our pastor works at this mine from our church. he wasn't in the mine. he's here. and we're just praying. all we can do as a community is come together and pray. >> reporter: we believe this is the mine in a satellite i image from google earth. upper big branch produced 1.2 million tons of coal last year. it has about 200 employee, most of whom work underground. state safety officials say the mine has emergency oxygen supply, escape routes and air tight chambers designed to provide enough air to keep miners alive for four days if they can't make their way out after an accident like this one. west virginia requires all u
:00. >>> we're following breaking news out of west virginia. rescue crews may be one hour away from going back in to search for the four missing miners. we just got an update on the rescue mission. fox 5's tom fitzgerald live in montcoal with the latest. what's changed? >> reporter: this all just unfolded in the last few minutes. what's changed is the weather. as the storms that are hitting the nation's capital right now moved out of this area, the barometric pressure here is rising. what that has done is allowed this explosive methane gas to vent out of that mine. at 11:30 tonight they will take another air sample out of that mine. they will analyze it for a half- hour. if it remains at that nonexplosive level by midnight, they may give the green light for these search teams to go back into the mine. sandra neely knows what it's like to have a loved one killed in the coal mine. >> [ indiscernible ] he worked in the mines ever since he was 17 years old. >> reporter: sandra's brother bill was killed in 2002 when the ceiling of the coal mine he worked at collapsed on top of him. she says he knew
and central virginia. it is widespread. there is dense fog literally everywhere here for your morning commute t will mix as soon as the sun gets up and it should be a mostly sunny day. it will be nice this affect. right now, upper 40s and low others. 48 in baltimore. 48 in frederick. so temperatures are fairly comfortable to start the day. early fog, plenty of afternoon sun. enjoy the afternoon temperature, 72. we have the dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00 this morning. i'll show you the map where the dense fog advisory is located in just a moment. >> thank you. >>> a d.c. school principal found murdered in his silver spring home one week ago will be laid to rest today. there is a funeral for bryan betts in his home town of manassas. his vehicle had been abandoned in southeast washington. >>> right now, 11 workers are still missing following an oil rig explosion off the coast of louisiana. more than 100 workers were on board tuesday night when the blast happened about 50 miles offshore in the gulf of mexico. seventeen people were hurt, four of them critically. >>> just about on track. a
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